• Family music: immerge your child aged 0-5 into a musical world

    …and get carried away by her/his sparkling creativity!

  • Bonding through Music at any age

    …family music & parent-child music classes, preparatory instrument courses, creative workshops, new families’ accompaniment, personal development…

  • Music therapy, what is it?

    A time and place where the unspoken can be expressed through sound, movement and sometimes…

  • Discover yourself in a wholly new light

    …through exploring enchanting instruments

  • We can all express who we are through sound

    …no need to “know-how”!

Playing sound games together (= music therapy) is a precious shortcut to our deeper self ; fundamental questions can be addressed soon and inner blockings bypassed. That’s why I offer mainly short but intense therapies based on mutual commitment and shared experience.

Parent child music classes offer an ideal setting to simultanously support the parents and immerge the kids into a musical world! Here, you will create bonds for a lifetime, not only in terms of musical skills, but above all, emotionnally.

My aim is to accompany new families, couples and any person who wishes to clarify their childhood story. I practice in English, French and German.