“Is there anybody out there?!”


    Dreaming of a little time for yourself?

  • Finding a balance between work and family life

    Keeping both going at the same time is such a challenge?

  • Want to feel desirable, again

    …and come together with your partner?


    Fighting all the time?

  • Work-sharing

    How, on earth, teach them to play their part?

  • Baby’s sleeping disorders

    Dreaming of sleeping a whole night through?

  • Nutrition

    Wish to give your kids healthy eating habits?

  • Communication

    How to keep an open trust with a troubled teenager?

  • Confortable in your own new shoes

    Seeking how to fit in your new mom’s or dad’s shoes?

  • Authority

    Authority, wondering what it REALLY means?

  • Teenagers

    Your teenagers are getting out of control?

  • Parental cooperation

    Not easy to “tune your violins” between parents?

  • Childbirth preparation

    Currently considering to start a family? Pregnant?

Don’t get stuck by yourself, there are solutions!

  1. Build up mom’s self-confidence, already from the time she is pregnant The Tale of the Magical Touch
  2. Help them get in touch with their inner world, playing with a Russian doll
  3. Help moms renounce their all-mighty responsability and to let the daddies find their own place
  4. Facilitate the marital communication by relieving resentment on both sides, like resetting the counters
  5. Help parents develop their mutual cooperation
  6. Help parents exercise their authority, not so much as a power than as a clear vision of their own values and needs
  7. Help them obtain some collaboration from their children within the household, from as early an age as possible
  8. Facilitate the expression of their children’s emotions and their personal needs within the brotherhood

Let’s come together!

Sometimes finding that family life is a true challenge? Having some “hot” questions about your babies, children or teenagers? about their sleeping or eating habits, their behavior? Wondering about what’s a genuine sense of authority?

My aim is to accompany you on a case-by-case basis or in the longer term.

Let’s come together!

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