The foundation of a new family

Becoming a new parent is great – but what an adventure it is, too! Nowadays, enormous pressure weighs on those new parents.

  • They are told : « Do as you feel » and they might drown in their own emotions
  • « Don’t be authoritative » but what a shame if the baby shows some fussy, cranky behavior
  • They must fulfill their baby’s every wish – but without spoiling her
  • Women are supposed to devote themselves entirely to their offspring, while remaining delicious spouses at any time of day or night, invariably sweet and available
  • Men would like to get involved in educating their children and integrate their « female self », but the moms tend to outrange them by being performant and… anxious !

The listing of standards could have no end, without even taking into account the work of childcare which sometimes demands supernatural powers.

One may indeed be concerned and lose their way, sometimes !

Before being bogged down in some sort of inevitable exhaustion, Music Homère offers accompanying you delicately by adapting our approach, millimeter by millimeter!

Find your own place, with the right to have human (the etymology of « human » is « humus », which means « ground ») limits, feeling good about yourself, far from any stereotyped pipe dream. Enjoy the presence of your baby, toddler, child or teenager and of your partner, live side by side without anybody exploiting, dominating or sucking up anybody else.