The game of Russian Dolls

What does it mean?

In the course of our development, the key figures of our family settle down in our souls as symbolic pictures. Thus, our inner world is like a stage where these characters interact: ourselves at different ages, our inner mom, dad, brothers or sisters, the emblematic stories of our family line. For example, the specific mothering style of a young mommy is directly linked to the relationship between her « little self » and her « inner mom ».

The particular atmosphere between these figures is the exact reflection of the emotional tonality in which we were immersed in our family of origin.

Sometimes, we might get stuck in some repetitive schemes because we replay those « scripts » in our day-to-day life which then act through us in some sort of unconscious « Russian doll »-game. Deciphering this theater of our souls will help us step back, gain awareness and enables us to make choices, « here and now ». It means making peace with our past and break free from it.

The good news is that there is no need to « get the baby thrown out with the bathwater » ; in the contrary, to break out of repetition is rather a question of subtle inflexions. It is a humble step-by-step path, accessible to all.