Anna advised us regarding a falling-asleep-problem of our pre-teen daughter. For months, our daughter kept getting up until  late in the evening before falling asleep. Nothing helped: discussions, authority, negotiation… well, we were at the end of our wits!

After a brief discussion, Anna suggested that her father spent a little time with our daughter at bedtime. Anna supposed she needed to share a special moment with her father because during the day, they challenged each other quite a bit. Results from the first day on and 100% success since then!

F. S.

Since he has began Music therapy with Anna, our resident has evolved very positively:

  • His pronunciation is becoming much clearer
  • His habitual verbal flow has diminished and his thoughts seem better structured
  • His focus is much better during his activities, especially in terms of fine motor skills
  • He now talks about himself and likes to share with others; he shows his productions, talks quietly about them ; globally, he has opened up towards our team and his peers
  • His self-confidence has greately improved; also, he now can defend himself much better
  • He likes to sing at goodbye-parties when a colleague or a trainees leave, hence offering something intimate and joyous.
A team of educators at Aigues-Vertes

S.’s (aged 18 months) daddy, about the “Sandbox”-group :

“For me, the workshop had a sort of magic about it… I have rarely seen S. so calm and staying for so long on my lap… (that was a surprise). I liked the spontaneous and simple activities… and, above all, the great effect it had on my son… I will follow up…”

Y. S.

We met Anna one year ago (Sept. 2014) and our son is lucky enough to discover music in a wider perspective, and particularly the piano, with her. He always looks forward to the sessions, and Anna manages to adjust herself to him so as to teach in a very playful manner. We are glad to continue one more year with her !!!

K. A.

“We really enjoy your lessons. We hope all the best for your future. Many thanks also for your advice about the magic touch. I try to remember it every day.”

L. & A., J. & P.

“Music therapy made me discover a world of power- and colorful sounds that I would never have experienced, otherwise. I can now stand up for my own voice expressing my emotions, bright and dark. Anna’s valuable support and kindness, with her ​​voice and instruments, guided me on the way.”


“A moment of profound expression in a nonjudgemental setting. As if something played all by itself, in a timeless place. Feeling free : I am One.”


“Attending the session is simple. I go there in the late Sunday afternoons, with no ulterior motive, no project whatsoever. Others come, too. And … I get the instrument that presents itself, without thinking too much … and we play … Not ‘playing music’ … just play … As it happens, the game occurs. Yes, I remember times when only the game remains.”

“I was very moved by this hour of music therapy at the “Maison de la parole”. My heart is touched by this place of gentleness and hospitality (…). The way you listen is beautiful and soothing, thank you!”
V. M.

“Meditation, music therapy and shared creativity offered me unforgettable moments. Sound exploration has strengthened me and brought me joy, energy, compassion, inner peace, serenity and loads of happiness during this wonderful week of “Mediation & Sound”-workshop.”

V. L.

“I started a process of personal development years ago and every experienced approach helped me discover forgotten or lost bits and pieces of my “self”, just like in a puzzle. Music therapy with Anna gave me a glimpse of my “deeper self” ; as I could assemble these missing pieces, I became more complete. The sound’s vibration has touched those “lost sheep” inside of me, brought them home and helped me accept them in their imperfect perfection.”

A. D.

“Here, I have found a safe framework so as to dare expressing negative feelings such as anger, sadness, discouragement. As if releasing these emotions became a new source of energy. Dare to speak up for myself and experience being really listened to for the first time in my life. As a benefit, I started to see what I couldn’t see, to hear more acutely and find more spaciousness inside of me. As if I was cleared of some sort of clutter (a childhood story) in which I had got stuck. Something has been released … I’m on my way …”

S. Y.